Happy Thanks Giving!


Happy Thanks Giving to all our American students and parents at TASIS!

You guessed it, there’s no training tonight as a result. See you on Sunday though…. for the grading 🙂

Grading time (with some links to help)…

SAMSUNG CSCDoesn’t time fly?  It feels like only the other day that it was the first class at our new venue The Hive and the beginning of term for Kingston Uni TKD and the other clubs.

Now Christmas is nearing and so it’s grading time.  The time to demonstrate what you’ve been learning over the last few months; your blocks, kicks, patterns, sparring and for intermediate grades three-step, one-step and self-defence techniques.

The grading hopefully results in a change of belts showing your progression towards the coveted black belt!

Grading dates are:

  • Marlborough: Tuesday 26th November
  • TASIS: Sunday 1st December
  • The Hive: Wednesday 4th December
  • Kingston Uni: You know when (please remind me)
  • Dan Grading: mustn’t forget to say *good luck* to our candidates Sean and Tony on the 8th.

P.S.  Do you know what the Tenets of Taekwondo are? Might be useful to refresh your memory.

*** New Class starts tonight!

TKD at The Hive

TKD training at The Hive

A new class at The Hive will be starting tonight from 18:30 – 19:30 and every Friday going forward.

Contact any of the Wednesday regulars or Ushma and Heena for more information.