BBC Sport – Lutalo Muhammad and Aaron Cook may meet in World Series

After all the controversy leading up to the Olympics, it will be interesting to see if these two meet at the Manchester Grand Prix in December.  We’ll be there on the Saturday.  Has anyone else got tickets?

BBC Sport – Lutalo Muhammad and Aaron Cook may meet in World Series.

Windy Weather in half term

Near missWhat a start to the half term week!

We hope that no one was affected by the windy weather last night and this morning and that students at Marlborough TKD and Kingston Uni have a good half term break.

See you next Tuesday / Monday or if you need some training, training is on at The Hive and TASIS.

BBC News – Making Time: The Taekwondo-Teaching Nun

BBC News – Making Time: The taekwondo-teaching nun.

A very inspirational story – and a very nice high front kick!  Another reason why we love Taekwondo 🙂

…. From teaching recovering patients to competing at the 6th WTF World Taekwondo Poomse Championships Master Sister Linda Sim:

A blast from the past

We’ve been going to Hungary for training camps and competition since 2004.  This is an article from 2010 – it’s funny to see how most of the belts have changed colour! Hungary 2010

No TASIS this week

This is just a reminder that there is no TASIS this Sunday 20th October or Thursday 24th due to the half term break. See you next week 🙂

Taekwondo world record – ITV News

Taekwondo world record – ITV News.

Taekwondo UK have set a new Guinness World Record for the largest Taekwondo demonstration in Broadgate, Coventry with 428 people participating.  The previous record was held by SAHK and the Eastern Dragon Taekwondo Federation Hong Kong, who had 338 people in their demonstration.

Hmmm… do I feel a challenge coming on ;)?

Suggestions please…

I’ve been trying to make this site look like a ‘proper’ website for a while and one of the things I’ve been really keen on is getting is our own ‘favicon’.


faviconThese are two simple ones that I’ve come up with – any other suggestions?

The show must go on!

Today was TASIS’s annual international fair which for several years has meant a demonstration from the Taekwondo club. This year as in 2009 it was raining. However unlike that year we presented our warm-up, basics, patterns and breaking inside with a packed crowd.

This year the students really did themselves proud with some very clean, well executed techniques and a bit of comedy.

Thanks also to Sanju and Rishta for taking the photos and video.  Watch this space for photos and updates.

The Grand Prix: the details |

Heard about the Grand Prix?  No, not Formula 1 – Taekwondo.  The First Taekwondo Grand Prix will be in Manchester from the 13th – 15th December.  We’ll be there, will you?

The Grand Prix: the details |


clubs_tasis_logoWe’re looking forward to the Taekwondo Demonstration at TASIS this coming Friday from 4pm.  Fingers crossed that the weather is okay…