Classes finished for the summer

summerJust a reminder that most of the clubs are now closed for the summer break with the exception of training at Kingston Hill campus for the University students.

Normal classes resume as follows:
TASIS TKD – Sunday 8th September 3-4:30pm
Marlborough TKD – Tuesday 11th September 5-6pm & 6:15-7:15pm

TKD at The Hive (Barnet FC) – Wednesday 12th September 6:30 – 8:30pm

Taekwondo club to leave school after nearly 30 years of training (From This Is Local London)

We’re very grateful to the parents of the club who have helped raise the plight of Stag Lane TKD with the local media.

Taekwondo club to leave school after nearly 30 years of training (From This Is Local London).

Marlborough TKD Demonstration

Well done to all the students today – you were awesome!  It was such a hot day, and although the mats were burning your feel but you performed your poomse, sparring, self-defence and breaking magnificently!

  • Warm upMarlborough TKD Demonstation 2013
  • Sparring
  • Cool down
  • Marlborough TKD Demonstation 2013
Warm up1 Sparring2 3 Cool down4 5 6 7 Marlborough TKD Demonstation 20138
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If you’ve got any photos, do please send them to me 🙂

Save Stag Lane!

Save Stag Lane TKD 1Stag Lane is the oldest and longest running of all LLTKD clubs, however the club has been advised that Wednesday 17th July will be the last session.  Some very active parents have organised for the local press to come to the area tomorrow – Saturday, to take photos and run a story.

Please show your support for Stag Lane TKD, please turn up at Queensbury Park, Harrow at 2pm (near the tennis courts) wearing your uniform as there’ll be an impromptu training session too!

Thank you!