No Marlborough TKD Today

To all the students and parents of Marlborough TKD club. Our apologies for the late cancellation of Taekwondo today. This was because we were stuck on a plane outside the departure gate for 5 extra hours and so couldn’t get to the club on time.

It’s half term next week, so see you in two weeks.

I missed you!

Sorry for being down for a few days 🙁 It’s amazing what happens when you accidentally forget a password!

Kingston Uni Training – End of Term Changes

Believe it or not, the University term time is now over; so that means that our training regime changes slightly as we are now no longer training at Tiffin Sports Centre.

From Monday 13th May, we will be training at the Drama Studio at Kingston Hill from 7-9pm.

See you there!

All Clubs Training Session on Sunday 5th May

Thanks to all the students for attending the All Clubs Training Session on Sunday.  It was a lovely, sunny day, but the students were not deterred by one of the few good days of weather this year and trained hard for nearly 4 hours with students from all LLTKD clubs, learning new techniques and practicing their sparring and kicking ‘Ivan’ the dummy.

We also mustn’t forget the blackbelts who were there to help make it an enjoyable day for all.

Please let us know how you found the day and if you think we should do it again….?