Not long now…

The University Championships is this weekend and the Chungdokwan Nationals is on the 23rd March.  The Chungdokwan Nationals is filling up fast, so make sure you let us have your name if you want to compete!


If you’re interesting in competing at the Chungdokwan Nationals on Saturday 23rd March, and if you don’t have some already, you’ll probably need some equipment. 

Students wishing to compete in the kyorgi must have their own gum shield (obviously) and shin and forearm guards, gloves and a groin guard. You’ll also need the body armour and a head guard.

Speak to one of the Instructors about equipment, how to order it or if you can borrow some.

For the Kingston Uni students who ordered equipment on Monday, try and get down to training tonight to collect it!

Half Term break

Not long until half term is over and we’re back up and running again at Marlborough (Tues) and Stag Lane (Wed). If you’re itching for some training why not pop along to TASIS or if you’re a Uni student Kingston?