Thanks Giving

As our TASIS club is at an American school, there is no training on Thursday 22nd November.

We’ll be there in Sunday 25th though.

Happy Thanks Giving!

Kingston Uni TKD getting ready…

Kingston University training is back up in full swing.  The new beginners are looking *good*, the returning students are looking *sharp* after the long summer break and now it’s time to focus on working towards the Grading.  So watch this space for more info…

No Training at Marlborough (6th Nov)

Apologies for the late notice (and any wasted journies), but there is no training at Marlborough tonight due to the school being closed for teacher training.  See you next week on the 13th!


Brush up on your Basics
Practice your Patterns
Work On your One-step
Sharpen your Self-defence
Check your TKD Knowledge

TASIS:  Sun 25th November
Marlborough:  Tues 27th November
Stag Lane:  Wed 28th November
Kingston: Mon 26th & Wed 29th November

Blackbelt Grading Seminar

All students wishing to take their Blackbelt Grading are strongly encouraged to attend the Blackbelt Grading Seminar which is held two weeks before the Grading itself. The next Grading is on Sunday 2nd December and the Seminar is on Sunday 18th November.  If you are a 1st or 2nd kup but are not planning on taking your grading until next year you are welcome to attend, as are current Dan grades wanting to get a bit more practice with the other black belts.

All Grades Seminar

Master Carvell going through some self-defence with Rob

Master Lawrence doing the cool down after the sparring

This was the third year of the All Grades Seminar held at Swanmore (central point between Winchester, Portsmouth and Southampton).

As in previous years there was a great turn out with students having the opportunity to take sparring, patterns or self-defence sessions in a workshop type format.

Attendees were also able to purchase and have signed, a copy of GM Biddlecombe’s book “The Heart of Taekwondo”.

Thanks to all the Instructors and organisers who made it a really great day for all ages and all grades!