Another night off…Marlborough & Stag Lane

Most of the clubs close during the half term to give the students a well-earned rest.

So enjoy the opportunity to recharge your batteries on Tuesday 30th October and Wednesday 31st October as there are no classes.

LLTKD visit to Tiger Cub TKD

Master Lawrence, Lee and Lindsey had a great time on Sunday at the Tiger Cub TKD Club in Enfield.

The students are looking good and their demonstration was very impressive.  Thanks too for the delicious Sri Lankan food!

All Grades Seminar

Don’t forget the All Grades Seminar is coming up soon. It’s the Saturday at the end of half term; so if you’ve been relaxing for the week, then it’s a great way to get back into training. Its probably also one of the only opportunities you’ll get to train with students from clubs from all over the association.

Half term club closures

TASIS will be closed on Sunday 21st October and Thursday 25th October due to the Half term.

See you on Sunday 28th!

How can a Martial Art improve the Quality of Life?

GM Biddlecombe, Vice-President of Chungdokwan GB has written a book “The Heart of Taekwondo” which attempts to answer that very question, along with many others. Get your signed copy at the All Grades Seminar on 3rd November.

TASIS Demonstration

Don’t forget the Taekwondo Demonstration at the TASIS  International Fair today Friday 12th October!

Night off

There’s no class at TASIS tomorrow 11th October.  Hope to see you on Sunday.

TKD Facts… did you know?

Taekwondo originated from Korea and the style that we practice is WTF Taekwondo from South Korea.

The South Korean military practice Taekwondo as part of their training.

Taekwondo was a demonstration sport in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

Blackbelt Grading Seminar

Ready for your blackbelt now?
Planning on taking your grading in the next 6 months?

Clear your diary for the Blackbelt Grading Seminar on Sunday 18th November in Totton, Southampton.  You’ll also need to have all your paperwork ready to hand in (if you haven’t given it to Master Lawrence to post).

The next big date is the Grading on Sunday 2nd December…