How high can you go?

Great first class back at TASIS, especially practicing jumping at the end…

Zhou & Dinghu, father & son at TASIS

Places to practice your stretching

How about while watching TV?

…stretching while watching the Paralympic closing ceremony… but stretching doesn’t have to wait until Rio 2016!

TASIS is back

This Sunday 9th September is the first class back at TASIS.  We’ll be in the gym from 3pm and hope to see all the returning and new families back after the long summer break!

Click on the Our Clubs menu for details of how to get there.

Friday Training

There’s no training on Friday at Kingston due to the hall being refurbished, however Master Lawrence will be standing in for Master Sargeant at St Katherine’s TKD in Acton – if you’re at a loose end…?

Not long now…

How amazing was the Olympics!!?

How much do we want to get back to training!!  Don’t despair, not long now, we’re back at most of the clubs starting at TASIS this Sunday 9th September, then Marlborough on Tuesday 11th and Stag lane on Wednesday 12th.

There are some things that you can do though to prepare yourselves for training.  Remember watching all those high kicks?  Well, the only way to get there is to stretch and the good thing about stretching is that you can do it while watching TV, or doing your homework.  So why not give it a try?

Better late than never… Congratulations!

Our Congratulations go to Jade Jones and Lutalo Mohammed for their Olympic medals.  They are a great inspiration to us!

Thank you!!!

Special thanks also go to Armando who organised the Olympic TKD tickets for us.  We all had a fantastic time and owe you big time!

LLTKD at the Olympics

Doing the Bolt!

On Saturday 11th August Twenty students and instructors from LLTKD went to watch the prelims for the +67kg women and +80kg men at ExCel.  It was a great experience for the students who were very enthusiastic before, during and after the matches.

We are now all fired up for Taekwondo training and looking forward to getting back to training to practice our high kicks!