A little belated but…

Congratulations and well done to our new black belts, Andreas, Lavan, Shakithyan, Sipho, Claire and Jonathan. You’ve worked hard and deserve your award!

We’re sorry to see Claire and Jonathan leaving the TASIS club and country and wish them well in Dubai and all the best with their future Taekwondo training.

(left) Andreas receiving his blackbelt on the big day, our first blackbelt from the Marlborough club.


Busy already…and it’s only week 2!

It’s already been a couple of busy weeks back after the summer break.  Nearly all of the clubs are back up and running with only Kingston University starting at the end of the month to go.

There’s already been a grading at The Hive for those who have been training throughout the summer and some of our black belts attended the Jade Jones and Paul Green Sparring Seminar hosted by fellow Chungdokwan GB club Waterside TKD.

You’ll no doubt, be seeing the impact of some of the techniques soon, so get stretching and keep yourself flexible!

  • LLTKD at the Jade Jones & Paul Green Seminar 14/09/14
  • LLTKD at the Jade Jones & Paul Green Seminar 14/09/14
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Thanks to Darren for letting us use his photos from the day!

Harrow Observer revisits LLTKD

Nine months have passed since one of the local papers, the Harrow Observer took up our seemingly lost cause in helping LLTKD find a new venue after having to leave Stag Lane school after 30 years of patronage.

The Harrow Observer visited The Hive TKD club for a follow-up to see how the students were doing at their new venue, and it was wonderful to report how well things are going at The Hive and also to boast on LLTKD coming second overall at the Chungdokwan GB National Championships at the end of March.  We look forward to reporting more successes in the future!

Hive_Harrow Oberver article 08-05-14

Read the here Previous article 11-07-13


Grading time (with some links to help)…

SAMSUNG CSCDoesn’t time fly?  It feels like only the other day that it was the first class at our new venue The Hive and the beginning of term for Kingston Uni TKD and the other clubs.

Now Christmas is nearing and so it’s grading time.  The time to demonstrate what you’ve been learning over the last few months; your blocks, kicks, patterns, sparring and for intermediate grades three-step, one-step and self-defence techniques.

The grading hopefully results in a change of belts showing your progression towards the coveted black belt!

Grading dates are:

  • Marlborough: Tuesday 26th November
  • TASIS: Sunday 1st December
  • The Hive: Wednesday 4th December
  • Kingston Uni: You know when (please remind me)
  • Dan Grading: mustn’t forget to say *good luck* to our candidates Sean and Tony on the 8th.

P.S.  Do you know what the Tenets of Taekwondo are? Might be useful to refresh your memory.

*** New Class starts tonight!

TKD at The Hive

TKD training at The Hive

A new class at The Hive will be starting tonight from 18:30 – 19:30 and every Friday going forward.

Contact any of the Wednesday regulars or Ushma and Heena for more information.

Windy Weather in half term

Near missWhat a start to the half term week!

We hope that no one was affected by the windy weather last night and this morning and that students at Marlborough TKD and Kingston Uni have a good half term break.

See you next Tuesday / Monday or if you need some training, training is on at The Hive and TASIS.

All Classes back in full swing!

We’re back up and running with all our classes after the summer break, and it’s great to see all the old faces as well as lots of new students.

TKD Training can be tough (and achy) at first, but with perseverance the techniques will become second nature and we hope you’ll love training as much as we all do!

Training Starts Back Soon!

Marlborough TKD Demo -JCIt’s been a long summer for some, a shorter one for others, but don’t worry… training starts back in full swing from 3pm Sunday 8th September at TASIS, we then have Marlborough on Tuesday 10th from 5pm, and our new club TKD at The Hive is on Wednesday from 6:30pm.

If you’re new to Taekwondo or interesting in training for the first time, why not drop in and see us?  Make sure you wear something loose like tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt and you’re good to go 🙂

See you soon!

***New Club****

On behalf of the students and parents of Stag Lane Taekwondo Club, I would like to thank you for the article in the Harrow Observer regarding the closure of the Taekwondo club after 29 years.  As a result of the support of the paper and your article we have received a number of offers from venues to continue our training i.e. The Hive at Barnet FC, Edgware & District Reform Synagogue and the Scout Centre in Roch Avenue.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all these venues for their offer of support and confirm that we have decided that The Hive at Barnet FC is best suited for our use due to the location, the warm welcome we received from the manager and the link with sport in general.

Our Taekwondo club was started to give young people a positive outlet for their energy, build self confidence and become a respected members of their community; so I am glad that we can continue training  and stay within the area.

Our first class at our new home is on Wednesday 7th August from 7 – 8pm and everyone is welcome!

The Hive, Barnet Football Club Training Ground, Edgware, HA8 6AG