Taekwondo club to leave school after nearly 30 years of training (From This Is Local London)

We’re very grateful to the parents of the club who have helped raise the plight of Stag Lane TKD with the local media.

Taekwondo club to leave school after nearly 30 years of training (From This Is Local London).

Save Stag Lane!

Save Stag Lane TKD 1Stag Lane is the oldest and longest running of all LLTKD clubs, however the club has been advised that Wednesday 17th July will be the last session.  Some very active parents have organised for the local press to come to the area tomorrow – Saturday, to take photos and run a story.

Please show your support for Stag Lane TKD, please turn up at Queensbury Park, Harrow at 2pm (near the tennis courts) wearing your uniform as there’ll be an impromptu training session too!

Thank you!

All Clubs Training Session on Sunday 5th May

Thanks to all the students for attending the All Clubs Training Session on Sunday.  It was a lovely, sunny day, but the students were not deterred by one of the few good days of weather this year and trained hard for nearly 4 hours with students from all LLTKD clubs, learning new techniques and practicing their sparring and kicking ‘Ivan’ the dummy.

We also mustn’t forget the blackbelts who were there to help make it an enjoyable day for all.

Please let us know how you found the day and if you think we should do it again….?

Easter break


It’s the last class at the Marlborough (Chelsea) today before the Easter holiday and Stag Lane’s last class is tomorrow. Kingston Uni TKD and TASIS have already finished. We’ll be back as follows:
Marlborough – Tuesday 16th April
Stag Lane – Wednesday 17th April
TASIS – Thursday 18th & Sunday 21st April.

4th place to LLTKD at Chungdokwan National Championships

Well done to everyone who competed at yesterday’s Chungdokwan GB National Championships in Bracknell. It was a long day but a good day and we came away narrowly missing out the 3rd place. There were a lot of improvements from the last competition. Keep up the good work guys! Medals update coming soon…

Massive thanks also go to our officials who spent most of the day refereeing and corner judging. They were excellent and received high praise from the Chief Referees, especially considering it was the first time for many of them to officiate. 
You guys really made the competition!

Classes are back

It seems like a long break, but classes are back soon…

Marlborough’s back on Tuesday 8th January
Stag Lane on Wednesday 9th January, and
TASIS Thursday 10th and Sunday 13th January

See you soon!


Brush up on your Basics
Practice your Patterns
Work On your One-step
Sharpen your Self-defence
Check your TKD Knowledge

TASIS:  Sun 25th November
Marlborough:  Tues 27th November
Stag Lane:  Wed 28th November
Kingston: Mon 26th & Wed 29th November

First class back after the Summer

It’s another first this September… Stag Lane starts back today.  Have fun guys, better in a hall than outside in the cold!

Not long now…

How amazing was the Olympics!!?

How much do we want to get back to training!!  Don’t despair, not long now, we’re back at most of the clubs starting at TASIS this Sunday 9th September, then Marlborough on Tuesday 11th and Stag lane on Wednesday 12th.

There are some things that you can do though to prepare yourselves for training.  Remember watching all those high kicks?  Well, the only way to get there is to stretch and the good thing about stretching is that you can do it while watching TV, or doing your homework.  So why not give it a try?