GB Poomse Team Selection

Congratulations to Master Raymond on being selected for GB Team for the 14th European Poomse Championships in Antalya in April. Good luck from us all at LLTKD!

What’s happened since September ?

This is going to be a familiar post from me “oops sorry I haven’t written for a while, we’ve been busy…” and we have since my last post the following has happened, as well as our usual classes:

Poomse-Judges-Course-2Poomse Judges Course
Casting the memory back to October, Congratulations go to GM Lawrence, Master Raymond, Master Donston, Heena, Carla, Claire who all passed their Poomse Judging Course held in Kingston on 22nd October.  It was a long, but enjoyable day and a great opportunity to keep up to date with the Poomse and competition rules.


All Grades seminar in Swanmore
A week later the club supported the association’s annual All Grades Seminar. As usual it was a great day and was made more enjoyable by having a National Poomse Coach in attendance!

BlackbeltDan Grading
It wasn’t long before we were back in Swanmore for the winter dan grading. Congratulations to on passing their 1st and 2nd dan gradings Shayan, Rhys, Sahil and Grand aka Mr B.

Poomse Competition January 2017
Sticking with the poomse theme, 6 LLTKD competitors managed to squeeze into the Bluewave open in Basingstoke on the 28th January. It was a first tournament for some so a great learning opportunity and for others a chance to add to their medal collection with two silvers and bronze. So pretty good going from the team.

University Championships, Worcester
Uni-champs-2017-2On the weekend of the 4th & 5th of March we had a clash; GM Lawrence updated his Centre Refereeing qualification while 13 members of the Kingston Uni team travelled to Worcester to represent the University in the annual University Championships.

The team had a fantastic result coming 9th out of the 50 participating Universities by earning 2 bronze medals in Poomse and 3 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold in sparring. Well done to everyone!

(Thanks to Sam for the photos)

WTF? Taekwondo governing body set for rebrand over use of acronym | Sport | The Guardian

In a bid to disassociate itself with the commonly used acronym, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is planning to rebrand itself

Source: WTF? Taekwondo governing body set for rebrand over use of acronym | Sport | The Guardian

Merry Christmas!

Christmas treeMerry Christmas to all our students, friends and families. Hope you have a wonderful day and festive period!
Thank you to everyone for your support over the last year and congratulations to everyone who has achieved something in Taekwondo, from climbing mountains – in Korea, Japan and of course Mount Kilimanjaro! to officiating and participating in tournaments and passing gradings.  All of you have contributed to the development of our great martial art and we look to achieve even more in 2016.
We mustn’t forget the people who we’ve lost in the year and our thoughts are with them and their loved ones at this time.

If you’re missing training, we still have classes on at The Hive and then we’re back on Tuesday 12th January at St Joseph’s and Sunday 17th at TASIS.  But it’s actually a really busy start to the year with a Corner Judging Course in Kingston on Saturday 9th January and LLTKD BlackBelt training on Sunday 10th January.  Please contact the instructors for more information.

Hope you have a wonderful day and best wishes from us all at LLTKD 🙂


New Blackbelts

BlackbeltIt’s been so busy for me recently so I must apologise for not adding any recent news!

The weekends in November and December have been a bit of a blur with the British Taekwondo AGM in Manchester, training leading up to the University students tournament, a well attended All Grades seminar and Pre-Blackbelt Grading seminar.

On the 13th December it was the Chungdokwan GB winter Blackbelt Grading in Swanmore and lots of students had an early Christmas present including for Kerry who passed her 2nd Dan. From the sounds of it, she did herself proud 🙂 Congratulations to Kerry and all the other successful Chungdokwan GB candidates!

Taekwondo Reminiscing…Foreigners Instructor Course, Kukkiwon, Korea 2011


In 2011, I did the Foreigner’s Instructor Course in the Kukkiwon, this is something I wrote following the Kukkiwon course for your amusement 🙂


Kukkiwon Course, we’re on our way;
From many countries we’re here to stay;
For one week of intensive training,
We all know it will be draining.

People from countries far away;
Nepal, Colombia, the USA.
All here for one thing; a martial art:-
Something so close to our heart.

We want to learn and improve our techniques;
So our poomse is not ‘unique’.
We come to Korea to learn the Kukkiwon Way;
And make sure bad habits are kept at bay!

Outside, all week, the rain is relentless;
Sitting in a classroom, we couldn’t care-less
We’re reciting terms like “momtong makki”;
But really we want to practice dollyo chagi!

Lunch was served in plastic trays;
Bulgogi, rice, a banana today;
We dash from the class to the food block,
Then back again just after one o’clock.

Eventually we get on to the floor,
Desperately hoping the classroom’s no more!
My legs feel heavy like a log;
Is it because of last night’s fried dog 😉 !?!?

We start from the beginning; strange for some;
Il jang, ee jang, sam jang and so on…
Variations in stance and block;
Looks like we’ll be here around the clock!

And for some the days are long;
After 18:30, the practice goes on.
Perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit;
By the end of the week, we will get it!

We’re in our doboks from dawn til dusk,
This is something you couldn’t make up;
“Practice makes perfect” as we say;
So we keep on going the Kukkiwon Way.

But it looks like the efforts do pay;
Five by five we were tested that day,
With happy faces and camera clicks;
We receive our certificates.

The test is over; practical and theory,
Time for lunch and maybe some beer-y 🙂 ?
Goodbye instructor course number 23;
We had a good time, now that’s all from me!

British Nationals a Great Success

Last weekend saw the annual British Taekwondo National Championships held in Manchester national cycling centre.  With over 700 competitors over the two days, it was the place to showcase British Taekwondo fighting talent.


According to our inside sources (Ushma and Heena) who were officiating (very proud of them both), it was a extremely successful tournament.


Spectators and Officials enjoyed watching London 2012 bronze medallist Lutalo Mohamed and Mahama Cho amongst others fight. There was also the opportunity to meet Golden Girl Jade Jones and one of the most successful British Taekwondo athletes Sarah Stephenson.
In addition to the seasoned fighters, it was great to see the up and coming fighters and the new talents from “Fighters Chance”.  Best of all though, was that St Katherines TKD did very well, in addition to other Chungdokwan clubs.


Congratulations and well done to everyone who participated and officiated to make such a successful event.

I’m sure our officials will be there next year as well as some of the students looking to represent LLTKD!

Chungdokwan GB introduces Elite Athlete Sponsorship

If you’re interested in competing at the highest level, it can become expensive when you factor in travel, entry fees and accommodation.  To help elite athletes within the Taekwondo Chungdokwan GB association, TCGB, has introduced Elite Athlete Sponsorship.

For more information, click TCGB Elite Athlete Sponsorship Form.

I haven’t forgotten to post..

K&CNov13It doesn’t seem that long ago that I last wrote, but looking at the Thanks Giving post, I guess it has been a while.

So very briefly, and using some out of focus photos from me – and some better photos from others here’s a brief summary of what’s been going on over the last few weeks.


Out of focus photo (sorry) but I think the sentiment is clear

Since the break at TASIS for Thanks Giving, we’ve been very busy with club gradings at all the clubs with everyone looking good and having worked very hard to achieve their next grade.

We mustn’t forget to say a huge thank you for the very generous Christmas gifts from the students and parents at the clubs – they’re very gratefully received!

In December, we’ve also had a black belt promotion and have a new first and second dan – well done to Tony and Sean who did us proud! We’ve had several conversations about it since, and this is only the beginning…

KUTKD Christmas dinner 13

KUTKD Christmas Dinner – thanks Impresha for the photo (stolen from fb)

For anyone else ready and eligible, the next dan grading will be in June, details to be announced in the new year.

On the last training session of 2013 at Kingston, we had the KUTKD Christmas do – special thanks to the guys who organised it (and who also seemed to be working at the restaurant).  It was an excellent  evening and it’s always great to see a big turnout and a nice surprise to some familiar faces who we haven’t seen in a while.

Probably the last major Taekwondo related activity of the year for us happened two weeks ago when a group of us were in Manchester for ManchesterGrandPrixAreaathe inaugural Taekwondo Grand Prix.

We were fortunate to see some excellent matches and see some great British and international talent on display.

In fact Team GB did exceptionally well with two golds and a silver and it looks like there are some great prospects for the future.  It was ManchesterGrandPrixaalso good to catch up with Taekwondoists we haven’t seen in a while and also to join MMHS TKD in Rochdale for some training.

So that’s what’s been happening over the last few weeks, from all the instructors at LLTKD, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and in advance we wish you all a very a happy, healthy, prosperous 2014  🙂

P.S. All clubs start back week commencing Monday 6th January. See you there!




BBC Sport – Lutalo Muhammad and Aaron Cook may meet in World Series

After all the controversy leading up to the Olympics, it will be interesting to see if these two meet at the Manchester Grand Prix in December.  We’ll be there on the Saturday.  Has anyone else got tickets?

BBC Sport – Lutalo Muhammad and Aaron Cook may meet in World Series.