Tiger Cub TKD Club – 19th June

For the last few years we’ve been invited to train at Tiger Cub TKD in Enfield.  We went this year for another great session covering kyorgi techniques, poomse and breaking and a bit of impromptu demonstration of our own.

It’s nice to see the student progression and see their hard work paying off.

Students & Instructors from Tiger Cub TKD and LLTKD

Students & Instructors from Tiger Cub TKD and LLTKD

UK Martial Arts and Fitness Academy Seminar – 21st May

It was the first time that we’ve been invited to UKMAFA’s club to lead a seminar and it was a great day with lots of enthusiasm, energy and some good video editing afterwards!



Wonderful Taekwondo Artwork

20160229_175118-1I do love a bit of artwork so many thanks to Ria for her excellent drawing of our Taekwondo class at St Joseph’s!

T-Shirts from the Chungdokwan Nationals

These fantastic t-shirts which sold out  before the sparring had started at the Chungdokwan Nationals on 21st March are now available for pre-ordering at £10 per t-shirt if collected at the pre-Dan Grading Seminar (Sunday 31st May).


Back of the t-shirt


If you’re interested, place the order by emailing Natalie  (sec@chungdokwan.org.uk) before the 10th April. She will pass on the bank transfer information or you can let me know.

Day 3 of TKD GP

IMG-20141025-WA0001It’s day 3 of the Taekwondo Grand Prix in Manchester and there have been mixed fortunes for the British players with big names Lutalo Muhammad and Mahama Cho not retaining their GP titles, but some of the new guys winning matches and gaining valuable big tournament experience.

Our students who have been in Manchester watching have loved the event and are looking forward to the next big tournament.

Tonight we have some LLTKD representation in the form of Ushma and Heena who are officiating in tonight’s tag-team competition.  Good luck to them – and of course the participants 😉 !


Kukki-whatWhen you are ready to take your blackbelt grading; whether for 1st Dan or 4th, you apply for the test and also the Kukkiwon certificate.

This is a certificate that is issued from the Kukkiwon, South Korea which is the home or the ‘Mecca’ of WTF Taekwondo.  The Kukkiwon certificate is an internationally recognised certificate and changes colour depending on how senior you are (not literally).  Some of the members of the club recently received their certificates which they are proudly displaying here!

Demonstration by Marlborough TKD this Sunday

Marlborough TKD Demo 2013For the third year, Marlborough TKD club has been asked to perform at the St Joseph Primary School summer fair.

We hope to see you there from 11am this Sunday 6th July to support the students – hopefully in the sunshine!

Quiz time…

What do the Rubik’s cube, Puli dog and Biro all have in common?

Rubik's cube  Puli dogBiro penAnswer…they all have Hungarian origins.

Another thing with Hungarian origins is the annual Universum Taekwondo & Hapkido training camp held on the shores of Lake Balaton where students enjoy a week of good (hard) training, hot weather and a well deserved party at the end of the week.

This year it’s the 10th anniversary and there are some high profile instructors in attendance. If you’re interested contact me ASAP as it’s only 5 weeks away!

Prince George’s New Nanny Knows Taekwondo

We all know how great Taekwondo is – and we can see that the Royals obviously value it too as their new nanny is trained in it! 🙂  I wonder if HRH will learn TKD too?

Prince George’s New Nanny: Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo Knows Taekwondo (and So Much More!) | E! Online UK.

Taekwondo world record – ITV News

Taekwondo world record – ITV News.

Taekwondo UK have set a new Guinness World Record for the largest Taekwondo demonstration in Broadgate, Coventry with 428 people participating.  The previous record was held by SAHK and the Eastern Dragon Taekwondo Federation Hong Kong, who had 338 people in their demonstration.

Hmmm… do I feel a challenge coming on ;)?