Taekwondo Reminiscing…Foreigners Instructor Course, Kukkiwon, Korea 2011

In 2011, I did the Foreigner’s Instructor Course in the Kukkiwon, this is something I wrote following the Kukkiwon course for your amusement 🙂


Kukkiwon Course, we’re on our way;
From many countries we’re here to stay;
For one week of intensive training,
We all know it will be draining.

People from countries far away;
Nepal, Colombia, the USA.
All here for one thing; a martial art:-
Something so close to our heart.

We want to learn and improve our techniques;
So our poomse is not ‘unique’.
We come to Korea to learn the Kukkiwon Way;
And make sure bad habits are kept at bay!

Outside, all week, the rain is relentless;
Sitting in a classroom, we couldn’t care-less
We’re reciting terms like “momtong makki”;
But really we want to practice dollyo chagi!

Lunch was served in plastic trays;
Bulgogi, rice, a banana today;
We dash from the class to the food block,
Then back again just after one o’clock.

Eventually we get on to the floor,
Desperately hoping the classroom’s no more!
My legs feel heavy like a log;
Is it because of last night’s fried dog 😉 !?!?

We start from the beginning; strange for some;
Il jang, ee jang, sam jang and so on…
Variations in stance and block;
Looks like we’ll be here around the clock!

And for some the days are long;
After 18:30, the practice goes on.
Perseverance, self-control, indomitable spirit;
By the end of the week, we will get it!

We’re in our doboks from dawn til dusk,
This is something you couldn’t make up;
“Practice makes perfect” as we say;
So we keep on going the Kukkiwon Way.

But it looks like the efforts do pay;
Five by five we were tested that day,
With happy faces and camera clicks;
We receive our certificates.

The test is over; practical and theory,
Time for lunch and maybe some beer-y 🙂 ?
Goodbye instructor course number 23;
We had a good time, now that’s all from me!

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