Upcoming events

It’s tough to follow the previous post, but there has to be a first, so it’s to notify you of some key dates of training sessions and seminars that you may be interested in.

  • calendarSaturday 31st October – The first is the All Grades Seminar in Swanmore,
    Southampton.  It’s a great day and gives all attendees regardless of age or grade the opportunity to practice poomse, kyorgi techniques and self-defence techniques.  It’s useful additional practice if you’re thinking of doing a grading too.
  • Sunday 29th November – The pre-Dan Grading Seminar.  It’s recommended to attend the seminar if you intend to do a blackbelt grading this year or sometime in the future.  This seminar is also at Swanmore.
  • Sunday 13th December – The big day – the Blackbelt Grading!  Also at Swanmore and hopefully not scuppered by snow!

If you’re interested in attending any of the events, please contact one of the instructors for more information, look at the Chungdokwan GB website or Facebook page or contact me via the website.

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