Successful Grading for MMHS and NW TKD Clubs

The students at Matthew Moss and North West Taekwondo clubs did themselves proud today with some very positive grading performances in the traditional syllabus and sports syllabus. 


We were missing a handful of students who were representing their club in competition and hope to see them towards the end of the year. But the students who were there are a credit to their instructor Urooj Karim who has spent a great deal of time working to build up his clubs in the Rochdale area for the benefit of local youngsters.

Thank you also to Urooj for your hospitality!

It’s worth considering that although grading can be a nerve-wracking experience, it is an important part of the martial art showing progression and that you are willing to test yourself, giving you a goal and something to strive for. After all one of our tenants is ‘Perseverance’ and regular training and grading are perfect examples of this.

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