Grandmaster Biddlecombe (Vice-President Chungdokwan GB, Grandmaster Park Hae Man Vice-President of Chungdokwan Worldwide) and Grandmaster Lawrence (President of Chungdokwan GB)

LLTKD is a member of Chungdokwan GB a group member of British Taekwondo.  Every member of LLTKD has a licence which allows them to train at any British Taekwondo club and compete at any British Taekwondo competition.  British Taekwondo is the National Governing Body for WTF Taekwondo inGreat Britainso if you have desires of competing at the highest level, being a member is the best way to start!

We practice WTF-style (World Taekwondo Federation) or Olympic style Taekwondo.

LLTKD is a member of Taekwondo Chungdokwan GB, group member of the BTCB, National Governing Body for WTF Taekwondo in Great Britain.

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art with history extending over two thousand years. Taekwondo first and foremost is a martial art with practical and useful methods of self-defence.

In 1988 Seoul Olympics, Taekwondo was introduced as a demonstration sport. Since then, the competition/sport side of the martial art has become increasingly popular. In Master Lawrence’s Taekwondo clubs, you have the opportunity to learn the martial art, whilst practicing the sport, having fun and making some great friends.

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