Blackbelt Grading – 12th June

BlackbeltCongratulations to Heena, Tony, Anthony, Lavan, Sakash, Ella, Sophia, Nicholas, Ash who all graded and successfully passed their Dan gradings for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan!

You’ve worked really hard and should be very proud of your achievement.

Our new blackbelts from St Joseph's TKD

Our new blackbelts from St Joseph’s TKD

UK Martial Arts and Fitness Academy Seminar – 21st May

It was the first time that we’ve been invited to UKMAFA’s club to lead a seminar and it was a great day with lots of enthusiasm, energy and some good video editing afterwards!



We have been doing things…honest!

Well I must apologise for not posting anything in quite a while.  We’ve been pretty busy and so here is a run down of what’s been happening…





Wonderful Taekwondo Artwork

20160229_175118-1I do love a bit of artwork so many thanks to Ria for her excellent drawing of our Taekwondo class at St Joseph’s!

WTF? Taekwondo governing body set for rebrand over use of acronym | Sport | The Guardian

In a bid to disassociate itself with the commonly used acronym, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) is planning to rebrand itself

Source: WTF? Taekwondo governing body set for rebrand over use of acronym | Sport | The Guardian

…and a Happy New Year!


…to all our students, friends and family – wishing you all a very Happy New Year, may it be everything you want it to be as well as happy and healthy!  Keep kicking 🙂

Merry Christmas!

Christmas treeMerry Christmas to all our students, friends and families. Hope you have a wonderful day and festive period!
Thank you to everyone for your support over the last year and congratulations to everyone who has achieved something in Taekwondo, from climbing mountains – in Korea, Japan and of course Mount Kilimanjaro! to officiating and participating in tournaments and passing gradings.  All of you have contributed to the development of our great martial art and we look to achieve even more in 2016.
We mustn’t forget the people who we’ve lost in the year and our thoughts are with them and their loved ones at this time.

If you’re missing training, we still have classes on at The Hive and then we’re back on Tuesday 12th January at St Joseph’s and Sunday 17th at TASIS.  But it’s actually a really busy start to the year with a Corner Judging Course in Kingston on Saturday 9th January and LLTKD BlackBelt training on Sunday 10th January.  Please contact the instructors for more information.

Hope you have a wonderful day and best wishes from us all at LLTKD 🙂


New Blackbelts

BlackbeltIt’s been so busy for me recently so I must apologise for not adding any recent news!

The weekends in November and December have been a bit of a blur with the British Taekwondo AGM in Manchester, training leading up to the University students tournament, a well attended All Grades seminar and Pre-Blackbelt Grading seminar.

On the 13th December it was the Chungdokwan GB winter Blackbelt Grading in Swanmore and lots of students had an early Christmas present including for Kerry who passed her 2nd Dan. From the sounds of it, she did herself proud 🙂 Congratulations to Kerry and all the other successful Chungdokwan GB candidates!

Upcoming events

It’s tough to follow the previous post, but there has to be a first, so it’s to notify you of some key dates of training sessions and seminars that you may be interested in.

  • calendarSaturday 31st October – The first is the All Grades Seminar in Swanmore,
    Southampton.  It’s a great day and gives all attendees regardless of age or grade the opportunity to practice poomse, kyorgi techniques and self-defence techniques.  It’s useful additional practice if you’re thinking of doing a grading too.
  • Sunday 29th November – The pre-Dan Grading Seminar.  It’s recommended to attend the seminar if you intend to do a blackbelt grading this year or sometime in the future.  This seminar is also at Swanmore.
  • Sunday 13th December – The big day – the Blackbelt Grading!  Also at Swanmore and hopefully not scuppered by snow!

If you’re interested in attending any of the events, please contact one of the instructors for more information, look at the Chungdokwan GB website or Facebook page or contact me via the website.

RIP to our friend Tyrone

We are all saddened to hear of the untimely passing of our good friend, colleague and student of Taekwondo Tyrone Mitchell.  In addition to all the tributes being posted on Facebook, I wanted to share some of my memories of Tyrone for people who may not be on Facebook but who knew the big guy with an even bigger smile.

2011 tournament success

Tournament Success in 2011

Tyrone trained and competed for Kingston University LLTKD club and St Katherine’s TKD club for over 20 years.

He successfully represented the club and University setting the standard for the other students that followed.

Tyrone was a very serious and enthusiastic student who was very focused on perfection of techniques and fighting skills. As a black belt in the Kingston uni club he would always get the class started if I was late and would take time to help students who were struggling with their techniques.

Tyrone was a University champion and as well as being successful in many domestic tournaments he also competed at the highest level domestically in the British Championships.

2010 Hungary team1Singing in Hungary 2010

Partying in Hungary 2010

Partying in Hungary 2010

Tyrone travelled with his fellow students to Hungary, training like a champion and enjoying the fun, laughter and camaraderie with everyone.

Tyrone was always available to help out.  He supported the University Taekwondo committee and helped with organising club events.


Tyrone had an infectious smile, warm wholehearted laugh and good sense of humour. Lee's birthday But as with most of our University students, they move on with their lives, move out of the area, get jobs, start families and so we didn’t see Tyrone as often in the last few years as when he was a student.

Nevertheless, he was always present at any key event and we had a great evening training and eating at Lee’s birthday earlier in the year.

We’re all in shock over the tragic news of his passing and so within the club we will be looking to pay our own tribute to Tyrone. If you’d like to be involved, please contact us.

Right now our thoughts and condolences goes out to his wife and family at this sad time.  Tyrone will be greatly missed but never forgotten by those who knew him.  RIP.