clubs_tasis_logoWe’re looking forward to the Taekwondo Demonstration at TASIS this coming Friday from 4pm.  Fingers crossed that the weather is okay…

No TASIS on Thursday

20120909_212736Just a reminder that there is no Taekwondo at TASIS on Thursday 10th October.  There will also be no Taekwondo class on Sunday 20th October and Thursday 24th October due to the half term closure.

Keep stretching…

All Classes back in full swing!

We’re back up and running with all our classes after the summer break, and it’s great to see all the old faces as well as lots of new students.

TKD Training can be tough (and achy) at first, but with perseverance the techniques will become second nature and we hope you’ll love training as much as we all do!

Training Starts Back Soon!

Marlborough TKD Demo -JCIt’s been a long summer for some, a shorter one for others, but don’t worry… training starts back in full swing from 3pm Sunday 8th September at TASIS, we then have Marlborough on Tuesday 10th from 5pm, and our new club TKD at The Hive is on Wednesday from 6:30pm.

If you’re new to Taekwondo or interesting in training for the first time, why not drop in and see us?  Make sure you wear something loose like tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt and you’re good to go 🙂

See you soon!

Classes finished for the summer

summerJust a reminder that most of the clubs are now closed for the summer break with the exception of training at Kingston Hill campus for the University students.

Normal classes resume as follows:
TASIS TKD – Sunday 8th September 3-4:30pm
Marlborough TKD – Tuesday 11th September 5-6pm & 6:15-7:15pm

TKD at The Hive (Barnet FC) – Wednesday 12th September 6:30 – 8:30pm

All Clubs Training Session on Sunday 5th May

Thanks to all the students for attending the All Clubs Training Session on Sunday.  It was a lovely, sunny day, but the students were not deterred by one of the few good days of weather this year and trained hard for nearly 4 hours with students from all LLTKD clubs, learning new techniques and practicing their sparring and kicking ‘Ivan’ the dummy.

We also mustn’t forget the blackbelts who were there to help make it an enjoyable day for all.

Please let us know how you found the day and if you think we should do it again….?

Back after 3 weeks


It was a good class back at TASIS after three weeks off  – a much longer break than usual, and everyone was looking pretty good!

Easter break


It’s the last class at the Marlborough (Chelsea) today before the Easter holiday and Stag Lane’s last class is tomorrow. Kingston Uni TKD and TASIS have already finished. We’ll be back as follows:
Marlborough – Tuesday 16th April
Stag Lane – Wednesday 17th April
TASIS – Thursday 18th & Sunday 21st April.

Nice weather for ducks….?

It may be bucketing down with rain, but training is still on at TASIS from 3pm.

World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine

Well Done to Claire from TASIS TKD for taking part in World Vision’s 30 hour famine (I don’t think I could do it)!  If you want to contribute to this excellent cause, click here.