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This year the Chungdokwan GB national championships held in Bracknell will be on Saturday 21st March. The tournament has filled up fast the last few years so if you’re interested in competing, let the instructors know ASAP 👍

Happy January!

New Year 2015 formed from sparking digits over black backgroundSo, I managed to write a Happy Thanksgiving post back in November, but not a *Merry Christmas* or very timely *Happy New Year* post, so feeling rather sheepish – Happy 2015 to everyone, particularly to our students their families and our friends. Here’s to a great (probably busy) and hopefully injury-free year! :)

The good thing about not posting for a while is that at least I can provide an update on the good things that are happening…  Firstly, training starts back yippee!!  So Kingston is back for the University students on Monday 5th (tomorrow) and The Hive is back on Wednesday, TASIS follows on the 11th with Marlborough starting back on the 13th January.

KickSisterWe’re also going to have a new women-only “Kick Sister” club starting at The Hive (watch this space) or get in touch if you’re interested.

Kili Climbers

David (yep Lee is standing in for him here!), Annabel, Heena, Ushma and Richard

Another HUGE thing that we have planned this year is the charitable climb of Mount Kilimanjaro for the charity HOPE for Children.

Annabel, David, Heena, Ushma and Richard are representing the club and not only are they challenged with climbing the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, they also have to raise nearly £3,000 each, so we will be looking to hold some events to help them with their fund raising and we hope that you will be able to also contribute.  If you want to contribute to the climbers as a group, let me know as I am doing a general collection for them.

Looking forward to a great year!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes to our American friends and students and a happy thanksgiving.
TASIS is closed today for the holiday but we’re back there on Sunday for the grading!


Perfect weather for Taekwondo!

It’s the annual All Grades Seminar today in Swanmore and what perfect rainy weather for a day of training ;)!

Day 3 of TKD GP

IMG-20141025-WA0001It’s day 3 of the Taekwondo Grand Prix in Manchester and there have been mixed fortunes for the British players with big names Lutalo Muhammad and Mahama Cho not retaining their GP titles, but some of the new guys winning matches and gaining valuable big tournament experience.

Our students who have been in Manchester watching have loved the event and are looking forward to the next big tournament.

Tonight we have some LLTKD representation in the form of Ushma and Heena who are officiating in tonight’s tag-team competition.  Good luck to them – and of course the participants ;) !


Kukki-whatWhen you are ready to take your blackbelt grading; whether for 1st Dan or 4th, you apply for the test and also the Kukkiwon certificate.

This is a certificate that is issued from the Kukkiwon, South Korea which is the home or the ‘Mecca’ of WTF Taekwondo.  The Kukkiwon certificate is an internationally recognised certificate and changes colour depending on how senior you are (not literally).  Some of the members of the club recently received their certificates which they are proudly displaying here!

So far so good at the Kingston Club

KUTKD2013_3The Kingston Uni club is back now in full swing after the long summer break and the new students are already looking pretty good (technique-wise ;) )!

KUTKD2013_1Training is on Mondays and Thursdays and it’s not too late for students wishing to learn to join in – the more the merrier in fact!  KUTKD2013_2

The calendar is quite full for the next year so it’s really important to keep training.  We’ve got competitions;  patterns and sparring, seminars and gradings.  We’re also looking to do some charity work so please watch this space for more info.

Next Saturday 1st November is the All Grades Seminar in Swanmore which has been great fun over the last few years and gives students the opportunity to fight, perform poomse or learn self-defence – or do all three for a tiny sum of £10!  If you’re interested, please speak to one of the instructors.

Also see the instructors if you need a uniform or haven’t sorted out your membership.

Kingston’s back


Tomorrow is the first class back at Kingston University after the long summer break. It’ll be great to see all the old faces and of course all the new Freshers at Tiffins!
We’ve been reminiscing about the club and think that this is the 20th year 😱 that Master Lawrence has been teaching!!!!!

British Nationals a Great Success

Last weekend saw the annual British Taekwondo National Championships held in Manchester national cycling centre.  With over 700 competitors over the two days, it was the place to showcase British Taekwondo fighting talent.


According to our inside sources (Ushma and Heena) who were officiating (very proud of them both), it was a extremely successful tournament.


Spectators and Officials enjoyed watching London 2012 bronze medallist Lutalo Mohamed and Mahama Cho amongst others fight. There was also the opportunity to meet Golden Girl Jade Jones and one of the most successful British Taekwondo athletes Sarah Stephenson.
In addition to the seasoned fighters, it was great to see the up and coming fighters and the new talents from “Fighters Chance”.  Best of all though, was that St Katherines TKD did very well, in addition to other Chungdokwan clubs.


Congratulations and well done to everyone who participated and officiated to make such a successful event.

I’m sure our officials will be there next year as well as some of the students looking to represent LLTKD!

Busy already…and it’s only week 2!

It’s already been a couple of busy weeks back after the summer break.  Nearly all of the clubs are back up and running with only Kingston University starting at the end of the month to go.

There’s already been a grading at The Hive for those who have been training throughout the summer and some of our black belts attended the Jade Jones and Paul Green Sparring Seminar hosted by fellow Chungdokwan GB club Waterside TKD.

You’ll no doubt, be seeing the impact of some of the techniques soon, so get stretching and keep yourself flexible!

  • LLTKD at the Jade Jones & Paul Green Seminar 14/09/14
  • LLTKD at the Jade Jones & Paul Green Seminar 14/09/14
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