Upcoming events

It’s tough to follow the previous post, but there has to be a first, so it’s to notify you of some key dates of training sessions and seminars that you may be interested in.

  • calendarSaturday 31st October – The first is the All Grades Seminar in Swanmore,
    Southampton.  It’s a great day and gives all attendees regardless of age or grade the opportunity to practice poomse, kyorgi techniques and self-defence techniques.  It’s useful additional practice if you’re thinking of doing a grading too.
  • Sunday 29th November – The pre-Dan Grading Seminar.  It’s recommended to attend the seminar if you intend to do a blackbelt grading this year or sometime in the future.  This seminar is also at Swanmore.
  • Sunday 13th December – The big day – the Blackbelt Grading!  Also at Swanmore and hopefully not scuppered by snow!

If you’re interested in attending any of the events, please contact one of the instructors for more information, look at the Chungdokwan GB website or Facebook page or contact me via the website.

RIP to our friend Tyrone

We are all saddened to hear of the untimely passing of our good friend, colleague and student of Taekwondo Tyrone Mitchell.  In addition to all the tributes being posted on Facebook, I wanted to share some of my memories of Tyrone for people who may not be on Facebook but who knew the big guy with an even bigger smile.

2011 tournament success

Tournament Success in 2011

Tyrone trained and competed for Kingston University LLTKD club and St Katherine’s TKD club for over 20 years.

He successfully represented the club and University setting the standard for the other students that followed.

Tyrone was a very serious and enthusiastic student who was very focused on perfection of techniques and fighting skills. As a black belt in the Kingston uni club he would always get the class started if I was late and would take time to help students who were struggling with their techniques.

Tyrone was a University champion and as well as being successful in many domestic tournaments he also competed at the highest level domestically in the British Championships.

2010 Hungary team1Singing in Hungary 2010

Partying in Hungary 2010

Partying in Hungary 2010

Tyrone travelled with his fellow students to Hungary, training like a champion and enjoying the fun, laughter and camaraderie with everyone.

Tyrone was always available to help out.  He supported the University Taekwondo committee and helped with organising club events.


Tyrone had an infectious smile, warm wholehearted laugh and good sense of humour. Lee's birthday But as with most of our University students, they move on with their lives, move out of the area, get jobs, start families and so we didn’t see Tyrone as often in the last few years as when he was a student.

Nevertheless, he was always present at any key event and we had a great evening training and eating at Lee’s birthday earlier in the year.

We’re all in shock over the tragic news of his passing and so within the club we will be looking to pay our own tribute to Tyrone. If you’d like to be involved, please contact us.

Right now our thoughts and condolences goes out to his wife and family at this sad time.  Tyrone will be greatly missed but never forgotten by those who knew him.  RIP.

Continuously learning


This weekend, nine LLTKD instructors and black belts attended the British Taekwondo Coaching Course. There’s one more day to go in October, an assessment and then we’ll be fully qualified level 2 coaches 👍

Click for more info on the course

New venue on Tuesdays

St Joseph's demo 1From 5pm on Tuesday 8th September, and for the foreseeable future, we’ll be training at St Joseph’s Primary School, Cadogan Street, London, SW3 2QT. It’s just around the corner from Marlborough Primary School and if you were at the demonstration back in July, you’ll know exactly where to find us!

Good luck!!

IMG-20150902-WA0002_1Please keep your fingers crossed for your wonderful Kilimanjaro climbers who are flying out today to begin their amazing challenge.  They’re still accepting sponsorship, so if you’re interested, the links are here:

The clubs are nearly back…


So some of us having been practicing at home over the summer, others in the class haven’t, but don’t worry, TASIS Taekwondo is back from Sunday 6th September at 3pm and Marlborough Taekwondo Club is back from Tuesday 8rh September at 5pm at our new venue. Look forward to seeing you at training! 👍

Demonstration at St Joseph’s school

Today our Marlborough Taekwondo students are performing a little demonstration at St Joseph’s school summer fair. The last few years, the mats have burned our feet. I hope it doesn’t rain this time ☔😦 #sureit’llbefine

A little belated but…

Congratulations and well done to our new black belts, Andreas, Lavan, Shakithyan, Sipho, Claire and Jonathan. You’ve worked hard and deserve your award!

We’re sorry to see Claire and Jonathan leaving the TASIS club and country and wish them well in Dubai and all the best with their future Taekwondo training.

(left) Andreas receiving his blackbelt on the big day, our first blackbelt from the Marlborough club.


Great support at Club Seminar


Thanks to everyone who supported the All Clubs Training Session today in Kingston. We raised over £400 from seminar fees and the fresh juices, smoothies and food. The funds raised go to support the fund raising efforts of our Kingston Climbers who will be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in September for the charity HOPE for Children.

Special thanks go to Master Sargeant for bringing the electronic body armour down for people to have a go.

Thanks also to all the instructors and blackbelts who gave their time and support today 👍

If you would like to donate online, you can do so here:


Dates for your diary


  • This Saturday 2nd May – All Clubs Training Session at Kingston
  • Sunday 10th May – Grading at TASIS
  • Sunday 31st May – Pre-Dan Grading Seminar
  • Sunday 14th June – BLackbelt Grading
  • TKD Training in Korea (and possibly Japan) 17-27th June
  • Taekwondo training camp in Hungary 7-16th August

If there’s anything you’re interested in, contact one of the instructors or me for more information!